Update 2.1

Big changes are coming to Soccer Royale!

This update brings a lot of quality of life improvements, game balancing and an update to our match making system.

We fixed a lot of bugs and we’re preparing the system for a great update!

Update 1.9

In this update we have reinvented the social system and replaced the integration with Facebook due to a policy change.


We have added a customizable avatar system to give more color to our player profiles.
Customize and choose from dozens of new avatars for your profile.


We have added improvements and news to the club chat: results, teammate achievements and much more.
Now it is much easier to join a club. It will be easier for new players to join a club.
You can also see when your clubmates are online.

Measure your strength in friendly matches against your club mates!
Play matches, train tactics, try new cards and share the result in the club chat.

Update 1.8

This is a major update based on your feedback. It includes major changes to card balancing, opening up many deck creation possibilities.

A new character progression system has been introduced. Now, the improvement when leveling up a character is more than noticeable.

The matchmaking system has been improved, and rewards in variable cups depending on the opponent’s level.

The opening time of the chests has been reduced. Now, unlimited Goal Chests can be obtained, and the cost of some chests in the store has been reduced.

We have introduced new customization options for clubs.

We have improved the daily rewards.

We recommend taking a look at all the changes we have made, especially the card balancing.