2023 Sneak Peek

Hello everyone and happy holidays!

We are happy to announce a major content update for early 2023. We continue to passionately work on the game and listen to your great feedback.
Thank you for staying with us, and we hope you continue to enjoy the game.

We are currently working on the Events update that will add new and fun ways to play.

Minor Update

Update 2.3.4 is now live. It fixes purchases on Android and some card descriptions.

November insights

Hidden Gems – November

Finn – The Rascal

At high levels, its cost lowers to 4 making him more than viable.

He is an all rounder and, with 3 shots, he’s perfect to complete your deck!

Cleo – The Pharaoh

Cleo is one of the least used cards but one of the most efective.

Her ability allows players to do an extra shot.

Nacho – El Macho

With the latest balance changes Nacho has risen from zero to hero.

His ability takes care of anyone, and he’s more than capable to destroy any defense.